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Mobile Phone 4G (LTE) interference

This year will see the arrival of new 4G services, enabling the super-fast internet on your mobile phones. But while 4G will benefit the UK by giving us access to next generation mobile internet services, it may also have the side effect of interfering with people’s existing Freeview service. Satellite and cable TV Services are not expected to be affected. Only new 4G services that operate at 800 MHz may cause this problem. 4G services are already provided in parts of the UK that operate at 1800MHz, and new 4G services at 2.6 GHz are coming. Neither of these can interfere with Freeview. As 4G arrives, some services will run on the 800MHz spectrum band, which is close to the frequency used by certain Freeview services. Because of this proximity, viewers who watch Freeview and live close to a new 4G mast could experience interference. It has been estimated that up to 2.3 million households could be affected. Symptoms for those affected might include a loss of sound, pixelating images or loss of all channels. Only those who watch TV channels on Freeview are expected to be affected.

So What Can Greywood Do to Help?

In most cases a simple filter is all that is required, which will help to filter out the unwanted 4G signal. However it is quite likely that a large number of households will still have domestic style amplifiers fitted for the amplification or distribution of the old analogue signal. In some cases we will be able to remove these amplifiers and replace them with the correct distribution (if required). Greywood management and engineers have successfully passed the confederation of aerial industries 4G/LTE training course, and therefore are qualified to help with any interference you may suffer. In extreme cases an alternative platform of viewing may be required. Greywood will be able to advise you of other services available, such as Freesat or Sky and organise the installation of your choice. For residents that suffer interference in an apartment block, it is more than likely that filtering will be required at the main distribution amplifier and aerial, your managing agent should be notified immediately. We would appreciate you notifying your managing agent that Greywood are trained and ready to assist in fitting a communal filter.

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